Picasso Baby

We love how she styles Closet Whore’s Black Panther Leotard. Wanna look this hot? Shop Closet-Whore.com for your new leotard or shop for the White Dove Swimsuit. We have the perfect clothes your closet is looking for.

We love our shoppers, let us know how you style your Closet Whore clothes too!





Leo moon. Crafting spells in my castle. We’re all just entertainers. Champagne on my breath. Frank Sinatra out my speakers. Turn my crib into the Louvre.  I’m in my apartment being a ghost. I fell in love with the bad guy. I’ve never switched teams, been real from the go. I’m still the girl to watch.


hipster circa 08′ sunglasses by Zero UV

black panther leotard by Closet Whore 

black faux fur coat by Closet Whore

white dove swimsuit by Closet Whore 

vintage Moschino motorcycle jacket by Closet Whore

photos by Worn Out 

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The Lesbian Heel

celebs pigalle heels

Here at Closet Whore headquarters, we have an interesting sense of humor! Something that has stuck with our company facetiously, throughout our photo shoots and gossip, is our coined term “Lesbian heels.”  We had originally thought that a lower heel (non-stiletto) was less feminine and just not sexy (not that lesbians aren’t), however after wearing them we realized that they are actually more comfortable, cute, and a great trendy alternative. We have recently become huge fans of mid heeled sandals, something we had all once shunned from our closets. We have seen the mid heel make a comeback recently and we ourselves have begun sporting them in wide variety.  Even Sarah Jessica Parker has given up on high heels completely and now only wears “lesbian heels” (for comfort reasons).  Bye Bye Stilettos! Check out our fav LH’s below! Do you love this trend? Let us know ❤


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Miley Cyrus Parties in Brooklyn

You know how much we love Miley Cyrus and her new video, ‘We Can’t Stop.’ So its no wonder that we love her promo for the VMA’s with her dancing in the Brooklyn subway half naked, with a pack of fans, fire-breathers and graffiti artists.


If this doesn’t make you want to watch this years VMAs we don’t know what will. August 25 live from Brooklyn. Don’t miss Miley’s attitude as she is nominated for 3 VMAs this year. #VoteMiley

10 Tips from Marilyn Monroe

One of Hollywood’s most talented stars, Marilyn Monroe began her career as a model and quickly went on to become one of the most commercially successful actress’ of the 1950s.

Though she was heralded as a sex symbol more than a style icon, she was still a major trendsetter. Bold red lipstick, she never left the house without a pair of high heels, perfectly coiffed locks and winged eyeliner. Maybe it was those luscious blonde locks or that infamous smile that made the world fall in love with her. But one thing is for sure, Monroe left a lasting impression.

Style is just as much about attitude as it is about what you’re wearing. Monroe’s iconic style plays loud on our playlist! Let’s press replay and see what she inspired us to wear.

1. Crop tops: daring sexy & playful, always in fashion.Image

 Here are a few of Closet Whore’s crop tops that pop! Check out more @ Closet-Whore.com



2. There’s nothing a punch of red lipstick can’t fix.


3. Laugh your way to the top, happiness is a magnanimous accessory. 


4. Dance the night away in a classic black leotard number.


5. When in doubt, go for high-waisted bottoms.



Our fun twist on high waisted bottoms, stand out with our aztec light denim shorts or tasty gum drop black jean shorts!

6. Bikinis crave metal hardware. Gold hoops, yes please. 


7. Heels are a girls best friends.


8. Baseball diva, play sports in style. 


9. Flying should be seen as an opportunity to dress up, not dress down.


10. Forget the LBD, it’s all about the LWD! 


Miranda Kerr wearing a Marilyn Monroe’s inspired LWD.


Sarah is wearing our Marilyn Monroe Dress, dazzling open backed halter with a slit in the front, and gorgeous draping chiffon on the bottom!


Check out more MM inspired looks here & shop @ Closet-Whore.com


White is the new black!


 Similar timeless sex idol Monroe inspired looks! Sex it up! Try on our criss cross front cleavage detail, innocent yet seductive number!


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Trending: White Rompers


Not only are we crushing on the color white, but we are obsessed with white rompers! You don’t need to wait for the next “white party” to rock one of these universal statement pieces. We appreciate rompers because they hide bloat and elongate legs! What else could we possibly ask for? They are also great because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. We love our white romper (shown below) with a pair of boots, sandals, or a low heel (pretty much any type of shoe depending on the occasion ;)) The white color is not only perfect for matching with most accessories but it accentuates an amazing summer tan. Rock it with a belt, long necklace, neutrals or bold colored accents!  Let us know how you wear your LWR! 




Ombre for your Clothes

Did you miss out on the ombre trend for fear your gorgeous locks would be ruined? Well don’t worry anymore because we have your ombre fix.

For when you don’t want to change your hair get an ombre sweater that will instantly change your look, but good news is, it isn’t permanent, so the next day you can change your top and still have a new hot look going on.

Closet Whore has the hottest one with the brightest colors to grab attention. Its cotton candy inspired adding the sweetest touch to your wardrobe, perfectly matching your floral headpiece or wear with nude tights.

We also have your nighttime ombre, for when you’re going out in the city here is your fringe ombre dress to add a twist to every step you take. Wear with your Jeffrey Campbells and pair with a metallic purse. This Nuvula dress is a must for making a statement and being a part of the ombre trend. Just like ombre does for your hair, this dress will grab attention in all the right places. For when you want to dance the night away go with an ombre to highlight your legs.

Do you already have the ombre hair and afraid you can’t pull off these ombre clothes?

No worries, because with ombre there is no chance of clashing. With ombre clothes from Closet Whore,  these pieces will match any hair type and dye. In fact pairing your ombre hair with closet whore’s ombre clothes will just accentuate your electric style.

Ombre Hair and Clothes

Look how easy it is to pair your ombre hair with key ombre pieces.

No need to spend hours in the salon for this ombre, just click away on closet-whore.com to find your perfect ombre piece to add to your closet.

*Hair Ombre Tip*

Have our ombre clothes got you hooked on ombre? Get the newest version of ombre hair, brown-blonde-brown for this fall. It’s a subtle version of ombre with even more of a twist. We’re sandwiching the blonde and so are celebs. Match your ombre with Closet Whore!

Ombre for all from Closet Whore xoxox